The company has embarked upon improving the service delivery to its customers, and has established a Customer Care Section that will consist of various officers across its offices and fault reporting centre, where they will be handling customer complaints.

The officers will receive proper training in customer service, this will encourage them to put customers first.

The company is ready to ensure that good customer service is delivered to all its customers at all its offices, from the first day a customer apply for any service, until when the service is successfully done, as well as to make sure customers understand the operation of the company for example the Condition of supply, Customer Charter and other relevant policies.

However, the section is established at a time when NORED Electricity experiencing a lot complaints regarding the service delivery.

With this initiatives the company will be able to improve on time it takes to respond to the customers’ faults.

Meanwhile, the newly established section commenced with its activities as from the beginning of April this year and soon it will be expand to all centres.