NORED Electricity (Pty) Ltd (NORED) has noted that during the rainy season, a period which is marked by increased rainfall, thunderstorms, lighting strikes, strong winds and flood, often results in an escalation of unforeseen power interruptions and outages. Other main causes of outages are vandalism by wild animals such as elephants, vandalism on the network infrastructure and electricity theft.

Therefore, NORED is urging its customers to immediately report experienced or observed power interruptions, network breakdown (i.e. fallen poles, streetlights not working, hanging conductors) and any other life threatening power related issues. NORED shall act promptly to reduce outages duration or to restore power as soon as possible.

Please take note of our Customer Reporting Centre Numbers below:

  • 065-240 653
  • 065-248 847
  • 065- 282 2126
  • 065- 282 2123
  • 0800 000 100 (Toll Free Number)

NB: All electricity consumers are requested to be extremely cautious of the danger of electrical hazards at all times.

Issued By:
Mr. Simon Lukas
Public Relations
Tel. 065-282 2135

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