Frequently Asked Questions

Can one load an older electricity token after loading a new one?2017-05-17T11:01:48+01:00

No, once you receive your access digits/numbers you must use it before using a new one.

What is the duration for the voucher to expire?2017-05-17T11:01:25+01:00

The voucher never expires.

What can I do in case I misplace or loose a voucher card?2017-05-17T11:01:04+01:00

Unfortunately NORED Electricity cannot reimburse you for lost or misplaced voucher card.

Why does it take long to get customers connected after paying for the service of a new connection?2017-09-07T10:55:05+02:00

Normally if all required materials are available, NORED Electricity is supposed to connect customer within 21 days upon making payment for such new connection, mainly Low Voltage connections.

However due to a number of different reasons, this practices has been proven a difficult target to meet. For example the importation of materials from neighbouring countries.

Where can I report faults?2017-05-17T11:00:22+01:00

Faults can be reported at NORED ELECTRICITY Customer Care Centre or any nearest offices.

Where can I pay for my bills?2017-11-14T09:40:58+02:00

Customers can make payment for their bills at any NORED Electricity office.

Where can I check my bills?2017-05-17T10:59:15+01:00

Customers may check bills on the website as well as at any NORED Electricity offices.
NORED Electricity forward the bills directly to the customers monthly.

NORED electricity seems to have more cars than people?2017-05-17T11:02:19+01:00

NORED’s core business functions cannot be successfully carried out without vehicles such as operations and network maintenance. Vehicles are allocated in order to attend to customers even better.

How come there are frequent disruptions of supply?2017-05-17T11:02:39+01:00

Some disruptions are planned as a result of maintenance work being done on the line or in the substation. In this case, NORED Electricity will always inform the customers in advance that power will be shut down for a certain period of time. Disruptions are also caused through vandalism as well as breakdowns on the NORED’s network.

What should I do when the bill for a house I am moving into or buying is not yet settled?2017-05-17T11:02:54+01:00

Before you conclude the purchase agreement, check the electricity bill. Ensure that the outstanding amount is cleared before you move in, to avoid the suspension of power. NORED shall not disregard or write off the previous TenanUOwner’s bill just because a new TenanUOwner now has the house.

How long does it take to credit my account if I pay from any other centre?2017-05-17T11:03:11+01:00

Customer accounts are credited immediately. Your credit will reflect on your account right after payment is received.

What should I do if I haven’t received my bill for the month?2017-05-17T11:04:00+01:00

Go ahead and pay. You can pay for your average consumption or indeed find out from your nearest NORED Electricity Centre the exact amount you owe. Do not wait for the bill to come before you pay your account.

How come there is no consistency in my bills, the bills keep changing every month?2017-05-17T11:04:16+01:00

It simply means there is no consistency in consumption of electricity, which is normal anyway within a certain variation. Concern should be raised only when there is no consistency in bills for an account, which is on fixed charge.

Why are my bills so high?2017-05-17T11:04:32+01:00

The question is rather vague. Bills can be high when consumption is high when electrical equipment is left on even when not in use.

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