Application Procedures

Residential Rural Areas

  • Certified copy of ID
  • Residential confirmation letter form either Traditional Authority or Resettlement Office
  • Fill in application from at any NORED Centre
  • Application Fee: N$115-00
  • Frontline staff will assist you to fill the form if you have problem
  • Outline a clear direction to your premises

Residential Urban Areas

  • Certified copy of ID
  • Residential confirmation letter from the Town Council
  • Fill in application form at any NORED Centre
  • Application Fee: N$115-00
  • Front-line staff will assist you to fill the form, if you have problem
  • Outline a clear direction to your premises

Cuca-shops or Shebeen  or Business

  • Certified copy of ID
  • Residential confirmation letter from either Traditional Authority/Resettlement Office/ Town Council
  • Company Registration
  • Fill in application form at any NORED Centre
  • Application Fee: N$115-00
  • Frontline staff will assist you to fill the form if you have problem
  • Outline a clear direction to your premises

Change of Ownership

  • Deed of Sales
  • Statement from Town Council/Resettlement Office/Traditional Authority
  • Both parties certified copies of IDs
  • Executor letter in case of death

NB: NORED will visit your area and premises to confirm details provided on your application before a quotation is made. Once you have submitted your application and a thorough site inspection has been done, a quotation will be generated upon which your payment will be based.

The quotation is valid for 3 months. Details of actual charges will be based on standard charges per connection or tailor made charges depending upon the scopes of work, type of connection, and location. Standard charge per single phase and three phase connection may apply in certain areas. Tailor made connection charges will apply where standard charges are not applicable. Our Customers Service Staff will provide you with more information. New Connection Charges may include the following:

  • Customers capital contribution towards network extension and connection
  • Deposit fees which is a once off refundable payment or guarantee provided by a customer to NORED as security for the due payment of electricity accounts
  • Connection fee; a standard statutory upfront fee payable by the customer to cover for the administration cost of effecting a final service connection
  • Inspection fee; a statutory fee which covers for the cost of carrying out electrical installation tests on the suitability of the wiring.

Payments are only received based on the quotation sent to the customer and if the quotation is within the valid period. Payments can be made at any NORED office. Upon acceptance of payment the customer is issued a receipt as proof of payment to be referred to in due course.

Obtain a set of Wiring Fonms from NORED for your contractor to fill and certify the installation. These forms are to be filled in by a qualified electrical contractor to certify that the wiring of your premises is sound as well as provide details of the proposed energy requirements.

The forms are to be submitted back to NORED and are required before an inspection is undertaken. A checklist of all areas that NORED may look for during inspection is available at all NORED offices which may assist you to prepare for an inspection.


As a customer, you are advised to avoid the following in the process of applying and waiting for a connection:

  • Do not make any connections that are not authorized by NORED. If found, you will be charged for fraudulent appropriation of power under the Electricity Act
  • Connection to your premises may be significantly delayed if you are discovered to indulge in corrupt practices in relation to your prospective electricity connection
  • Do not give wrong information on the kind of job i.e. standard, non-standard or customized as this would introduce unnecessary delays to the application
  • Do not give another person to fill in this form for you. Customers who engage and entrust another person to transact are at risk of being swindled
  • As a prospective customer, you should not pay anyone any monies for the generation of the quotation and or connection
  • You must allow only our employees, contractors and agents to carryout connection work, read or test meters, to inspect, maintain, repair or replace our equipment

Vandalism of essential electricity infrastructure is a serious offence to NORED. Those are un­authorized destruction and damage of NORED property that are necessary for the provision of reliable and quality electricity to the commercial and domestic users.

The electricity infrastructures affected are the distribution networks components such as kiosks and power cables. NORED is faced with a large scale cables theft stolen and sold to scrap dealers because of copper found in them. Other vandalism installations are streetlights and electricity poles, meters tempering as well as illegal connections.

The vandalisms of the essential infrastructure are unlawful and carry severe consequences to the perpetrators once found.

General effects as a result of vandalism and theft:

  • Disruption of Essential Social Services
  • The economy of the country is affected, the practice might scare investors
  • Replacement of the damaged installations by new ones
  • Failure of maintenance and construction of new linesNORED spends more money in buying extra
  • Customers wait for longer periods to be assisted as personnel attending to the destructed infrastructure
  • NORED loses revenue in the process

Security Measures

NORED in conjunction with the Namibian Police have embarked on initiatives to tackle the problem in the whole NORED area of operation, of which both NORED and stakeholders introduce an initiative of Anti-vandalism, by informing the public at meetings on effects and dangers of vandalism, as well as empowering the community through community policing forums on anti vandalism.

NORED will conduct joint operations with police to recover stolen items and arrest vandals.

Realising that the battle against vandalism and theft needs support, NORED has come up with a reward, the scope which is to reward informants leading to the recovery of NORE D’s stolen property and equipment or arrest of people vandalising or planning to vandalise electricity infrastructure.

It is expected that the approach will cement the existing community policing structures such as Men and Women Network. It will also breed a sense of ownership of the infrastructure by the communities thus the fight against vandals will be tackled at the grass root level with the communities playing a leading role of protecting electrical infrastructures.