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The creation of Planned Regional Electricity Distribution (REDs) Companies in Namibia

The Energy White Paper was developed by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and published in May 1998. The energy policies contained in the White Paper were designed to achieve the following goals: Effective Governance, Security of Supply, Social Upliftment, Investment & Growth, Economic Competitiveness & Efficiency and Sustainability.

Incorporated in 2001, the northern Namibia’s regional Electricity Distributor, NORED, has put itself on the world map as a reliable energy supplier.

NORED was the first ever- regional electricity distributor to be established.

It started with less than a hundred employees, but NORED immediately became a business with significant technological, industrial, financial and commercial presence.

It draws its strength from the volume of regional and local authorities it represents, as well as from the skills of over two hundreds employees and the stable shareholder base.

Regional council and local authority electricity companies as well as NAMPOWER own NORED.

NORED became a profitable company in its first year of operation.

Because of NORED’s excellent performance, the Electricity control board awarded a 25 –year operational licence to this company to supply and distribute electricity.

NORED has a clear vision to uplift the living standard of people and bring economic growth and development that would increase employment opportunities.

NORED has put advanced technology in place to make reliable electricity accessible to the majority of people in its distribution areas at affordable and stable tariffs.

Through this process, many families from the formerly disadvantaged groups do not longer have to rely on energy from wood to prepare their meals.

The process had also improved the passing rate of students, as the supply of reliable energy was crucial to their homework.

NORED has stood by its mission, having set an exemplary service in reducing power outage in areas of its operation.

The entity has encouraged alternative sources of renewable energy and maintained excellent relationship with customer and stakeholders.


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